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Inclusive Excellence

In keeping with Providence College’s longstanding commitment to widening our embrace, the Office of Institutional Diversity endeavors to cultivate inclusive excellence throughout all levels of the College. Inclusive excellence is an “active process through which colleges and universities achieve excellence in learning, teaching, student development, institutional functioning, and engagement in local and global communities” (AAC&U, 2012). Inclusive excellence invites us to move beyond the simple presence of diverse individuals toward the intentional development of institutional structures, policies, and practices that facilitate the success of all members of the campus community.

The PC Strategic Plan for Diversity centers around three pillars:

Structural diversity, diversity initiatives, diversity interactions

Inclusive Excellence Initiative

The Inclusive Excellence Initiative is designed to cultivate inclusive excellence at Providence College. As such, the workshops, lectures, and symposia within this initiative serve to

  • Articulate diversity as central to academic and institutional excellence
  • Broaden understanding of various forms of diversity and models for building inclusion
  • Share best practices for engaging and working within an increasingly diverse institutional context
  • Catalyze strategic diversity initiatives throughout departments on campus
  • Foster a network of inclusive excellence practitioners and scholars throughout the institution

Equity & Engagement Innovation Awards

Providence College strives​​ to reflect the diversity of the human family as it preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a new generation of students in word and deed. A​s a Catholic and Dominican institution, diversity is a key component of our collective pursuit of truth, promoting rigorous exploration of diverse ideas and theories, critical engagement with the world, cross-cultural understanding, innovation in problem-solving, and collaboration across differences within and beyond the classroom. To achieve this, the College is committed to cultivating policies, practices, and structures that assure an equitable and hospitable community for all students, staff, and faculty.

The Office of Institutional Diversity aims to cultivate greater equity and engagement throughout the Providence College community through strategic diversity leadership. These efforts are directed by our blueprint, the Strategic Plan for Diversity (SPFD). We envision our efforts at equity and engagement as a collective, participatory process for the entire campus community centered on the three pillars of the SPFD: structural diversity, strategic diversity initiatives, and diverse interactions. In light of this, faculty, administrators, departments, schools, and student clubs are encouraged to apply for up to $2,500 for strategic equity and engagement initiatives centered on at least one pillar of the Strategic Plan for Diversity. Priority will be given to interdisciplinary, multi-department/division, or unique student club collaborations across 2-3 departments or student clubs. There will be six awards for the 2018-2019 academic year. Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis and proposals will receive a response within two weeks of submission. Final reports are due within 30 days of the initiative’s conclusion.


Community and Diversity Program Awards

Providence College seeks to reflect the rich diversity of the human family. Following the example of St. Dominic, who extended a loving embrace to all, it welcomes qualified men and women of every background and affirms the God-given dignity, freedom, and equality of each person. Providence College promotes the common good, the human flourishing of each member of the campus community, and service of neighbors near and far.

The Office of Institutional Diversity supports students, staff, and faculty in the development of programs and events that engender community and diversity at Providence College. We invite members of the community to join us in the collective effort of pursuing the common good and affirming the “God-given dignity, freedom, and equality” of each member of our community. Faculty, administrators, departments, schools, and student clubs may apply for up to $300 for speakers, performers, films, and other events that foster community and diversity. Priority will be given to interdisciplinary, multi-department/division, or unique student club collaborations across 2-3 departments or student clubs. Program proposals for Fall 2018 must be submitted by October 31. Program proposals for Spring 2019 must be submitted by January 31. Final reports are due within 14 days of the event.