Committees on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

On this page you will find a number of committees on DEI on campus. This list is intended to show the span of DEI work across the college. This list will continue to grow an expand as the work of DEI across the college does!

If your committee is not listed, please email and we will work to include it!

Access / DEI / International Committee — Continuity Task Force


Develop plans to ensure underrepresented and potentially vulnerable students have access to those resources and mentors they need for success; address needs of special populations:  including international students (especially with respect to travel restrictions, commuter students, and students with disabilities).

Jonathan Gomes
Kaitlin Bevins
Kara Cebulko
Maureen Outlaw
Martha Perez-Schmitz
Nancy Eagan
Quincy Bevely
Robert Hassan
Sarah Edmonds
Shannon Dolan
Taiwo Adefiyiju

Board of Trustees Committee on DEI

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee consists of the Executive Vice President, the senior executive for DEI, the Vice President for Mission and Ministry, and at least eight (8) additional members appointed by the Chairperson of the Board, including two (2) faculty members, two (2) students, one (1) member of the Providence College Community Advisory Committee, and four (4) trustees.

The Committee is concerned with ensuring that the College’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, as inspired by Catholic teaching and St. Dominic’s wide embrace of all people, informs all facets of the academic and social life of the campus community.  This includes, but is not limited to, assurance of an environment of equitable and inclusive policies and practices; recruitment and retention of diverse students, faculty, staff, and trustees; ongoing and transparent assessment of campus climate; and continuing progress toward the achievement of the DEI initiatives in the PC200 strategic plan.

Committee members include:

Mr. Joseph Adegboyega ’22 (Student Diversity Advisory Council)
Dr. Chris Arroyo (Faculty Representative)
Fr. Francis Belanger, O.P. (Trustee)
Ms. Maureen Davenport Corcoran (Trustee)
Mr. Rudy Thomas Cline ’00 (Trustee)
Fr. James Cuddy, O.P. (Vice President for Mission & Ministry)
Ms. Susan Esper ’91 (Trustee)
Mr. Robert Ferreira ’83 (AVP Special Projects)
Ms. Ann Manchester Molak ’75 (Executive Vice President)
Ms. Marta Martinez ’79 (Community Advisory Committee)
Ms. Sabina Mercado ’23 (Student Congress)
Dr. Alex Orquiza (Faculty Representative)
Mr. Andre Owens (Trustee/Committee Chair)
Ms. Jacqueline Peterson (Special Advisor to the President for IDEI)
Mr. Christopher Reilly (Trustee/Board Chair)
Fr. Kenneth Sicard, O.P. (President/Trustee)
Mr. Christopher Walker ’86 (Trustee)

Community Advisory Committee

The CAC is made up of community leaders in Providence and RI, alums, and others who meet 1-2 times a semester and serve Providence College in the following ways:

1. Advise the division of Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on the College’s efforts to become proactive in 1) creating, sustaining, and enhancing an equitable and just social and cultural environment on campus; 2) anticipating conflicts/concerns related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to address them effectively.
2. Provide counsel and contribute ideas regarding the Center at Moore Hall’s commitment to becoming more engaged with diverse stakeholders from across Providence through the development of new community partnerships, hosting more public events, and creating “community hours” at the Center to serve the communities and organizations represented CAC members.

Members Include:

Adebimpe Dare – (Assistant Dean/ Director of Multicultural Student Success)
Ann Manchester-Molak — (Executive Vice President)
Elena Patino — (Director of Community Arts Program for Rhode Island)
Idrees Ajakaiye — (Head of Membership of National Fire Protection Association)
Jaqueline Peterson — (Special Advisor to the President for IDEI)
Kilah Walters-Clinton — (Juvenile Probation Officer & DEI Advisor for RIDCYF)
LaJuan Allen — (Community Relations Coordinator for City of Providence)
Mackenzie Williams ’17 — (Assistant Director of Student Support Services for Rhode Island College)
Marta Martinez ’79 — (Executive Director of RI Latino Arts)
Osvaldo Marti ’07 — (Head of Middle School – Moses Brown School)
Pamela Trembaly- (Campus Minitstry Director of Service Immersion)
Rele Abiadle ’99 — (Deputy State Director for US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse)
Savannah Chantharangsy ’92 — ( Associate for New York Life Insurance)
Sean Holley Esq. ’84 — (Lecturer & Professor & Johnson & Wales University)
Sokeo Ros — (Director for the Center at Moore Hall)
Steve Maurano — (Associate Vice President Public Affairs, Community & Government Relations)
Steven O’Donnell — (Executive Director for Greater Providence YMCA)

History Department Diversity Committee

Committee Members:
Ted Andrews
Pat Breen
Jennifer Illuzzi
Sharon Murphy
Fr. David Orique, OP
Alexander Orquiza

Kara Berlin-Gallo
Katherine Burdick
Noah DeRossi-Goldberg
Diana Doorley
Lianne Hipolito
Bianca LaBella
Jacqui Lopez
Emiliano Moreno
Jacqui Ryan
Abigail Turano

Faculty Senate Committee on DEI

This committee’s charge is to propose policies promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to the Faculty Senate.

Committee Members:
Dana Dillon (Theology, PSP)
Edward Szado (Finance)
Jeffery Nicholas (Philosophy)
Maia Bailey (Biology, FIPS), Chair
Wendy Chen (Finance)

Inclusion Committee – Athletics

The Inclusion Committee within Athletics’ charge is the following:

1. To develop an increased skill set and knowledge-base for DEI education in Athletics.
2. To  support programming efforts and drive recommendations for Athletics
3. To build an inclusive community within Athletics

Committee Members:

Andrea Cooper
Bob Walsh
Bree Nasti
Christian Bates
Gabriela Dias
Jen Rynearson
Jeneil Foster
Jessie Fong
Jill LaPoint
John Mark Andrade
John Senter
Kaitlyn O’Malley
Priscilla Edwards
Richie Gomes Jr
Rimi Olatunji
Tiara Johnson

Institutional Advancement DEI Advisory

The charge of the Institutional Advancement DEI Advisory is to reflect, assess and suggest changes that the senior management team can adopt to make our team and our work environment more welcoming and inclusive. 

Advisory Members
Cate Latz—Co-Chair
Cynthia Hoerter
Greg Waldron—Ex-Officio
Harold Starks
Paul Calle
Priscila Tello-Vela
Qjaquice Brantley—Co-Chair 
Ronald De La Rosa
Shannon O’Neill
Stephanie Mireku
Teddy Kiritsy

Providence College School of Business Committee on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The charge of the PCSB committee on DEI include but are not limited to:

  1. Make amendments to the PCSB syllabus template along the lines of making sure campus resources and special PCSB resources are listed.
  2. Create a repository of case material that does a better job painting a picture of business practice, issues etc. that reflect the diversity of our world. 
  3. Advise on planning and execution of an on-campus event to formally kick-off the Alumni of Color network with network members, faculty and student leaders. 
  4. Support, as necessary, inclusion of a diversity & inclusion course in the management department.
  5. Help create buy-in for FY21 implicit bias/DEI training for freshmen and participate in parallel “train-the-trainer” work so that the members of the task force can help support culture change at the PCSB going forward (an outside consultant will deliver this training.
  6. Advice Associate Dean Elcik and her staff on the integration of more DEI initiatives into FLIP.

Chairpersons: Sarah Alhouti/John Schibler

Support Lead: Rebecca Reeves

Abigail Corrington
Alli Nathan
Christine Earley
Janet Letourmeau
Jeremy Duffy (’93)
John Formica (’81)
M. Cary Collins
Margaret Moore (’06)
Matthew Conroy (’92)
Matthew Eriksen
Rebecca Reeves
Sydnee Manley
Sylvia Maxfield
Taylor Benson (’03)
Theresa Moore

President’s Advisory Council on Equity and Inclusion

Building upon the work of previous diversity, equity, and inclusion committees, The Presidential Committee to Address Systemic Racism serves as advisory to the President and the President’s Cabinet on effective practices and strategies that eradicate systemic racism and ensure the fulfillment of Goal 2 of the PC200 Strategic Plan, “A Model of Love, Inclusivity, and Equity, in a Diverse Community.

The Committee is Chaired by Fr. Kenneth Sicard O.P., President, and is comprised of the Vice President of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and representatives from the Faculty, administration, and the student body. The Committee works in collaboration with all constituencies in assessing needs and developing meaningful recommendations to ensure that every member of the Providence College community is welcomed and respected.

Members Include:

Fr. Kenneth Sicard, O.P. (Chair)
Dr. Bret Cormier (Faculty Representative)
Fr. James Cuddy, O.P. (VP Mission and Ministry)
Dr. Maureen Outlaw (Faculty Representative)
Dr. Robert Hasson (Faculty Representative)
Ms. Beah Cyrus ’22 (Student Representative)
Mr. Ernest Frimpong ’22 (Student Representative)
Ms. Haley Gervino ’22 (Student Representative)
Ms. Jacqueline Peterson (Special Advisor to the President for IDEI)
Dr. Steven Sears (VP Student Affairs/ Dean of Students)
Ms. Pamela Tremblay (Campus Ministry)
Ms. Wendy McRae-Owoeye (Assistant Vice President of Human Resources)

Strategic Direction Steering Committee

This committee’s charge is to serve as a central space for discussing and vetting diversity, equity, and inclusion related matters, to inform ongoing planning and direction that aligns with the College’s Strategic Plan- PC200goal of becoming “a model of love, inclusivity and equity in a diverse community

Members Include:

Brenda Hunt                     Administration                 Sr. Assoc. Director, Resident Life
Carman Rolon                  Faculty                                Assoc. Prof. of Education/Secondary Education
Comfort Ateh            Faculty                 Assoc. Prof of Education/Secondary Education
Fr. James Cuddy              Administration                 Vice President, Mission & Ministry
Jacqueline Peterson        Administration                 Special Advisor to the President DEI
Maureen Outlaw             Faculty                                Assoc. Prof. Sociology
Quincy Bevely                 Administration                 Assistant Vice President of IDEI
Rachel d’Oliveira              Administration                Asst. Director of Assessment, Academic Affairs
Saaid Mendoza                 Faculty                               Asst. Prof. Psychology
Sarah Firetto                    Administration                Director, Alumni Relations
Stephanie Mireku            Administration                Asst. Director, Alumni Relations
Theresa Moore                 Faculty, Visiting Instructor, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Wend McRae-Owoeye   Administration                Asst. VP Talent Acq & Staff Dev, Human Resources