Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives with College-Wide Impact

In partnership with a great many faculty and staff colleagues and students – and with the guidance and support of Father Sicard, the president’s cabinet, and the Board of Trustees – the Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion staff has undertaken a significant number of recent initiatives aimed at helping Providence College become the beloved community it aspires to be.

Many of these initiatives are already having a meaningful impact; some others are in various stages of development. Collectively, they demonstrate progress and exemplify an institutional commitment to racial justice and inclusivity for all in our college community.

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Structural Diversity, Access, and Equity

Work in this category involves improving faculty and staff search/hiring practices, along with intentional efforts to reduce unconscious bias in the area of faculty promotion and tenure. Through a mini-grant program and workshop initiatives, IDEI is providing resources — — to assist in efforts that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Institutional Infrastructure

The creation of three high-level committees, their membership comprising trustees, faculty members, students, staff members, and community partners, highlights a series of initiatives aimed at leveraging the energy, creativity, and commitment of the innumerable members of the Friar family who wish to be agents for change. Other work in this area focuses on creating accessible, sustainable, and effective support for the marginalized, fostering transparency in communication, and creating opportunities for individuals – especially students – to be heard.

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Climate and Intergroup Relations

By providing opportunities for meaningful interactions across our differences, enhanced dialogue, and ongoing intercultural learning available to all, these initiatives will be instrumental in creating a community where mutual respect and civility are the most prized characteristics of its members. Survey information provides for an evidence-based approach to purposefully developing the structures that will support pursuit of these goals.

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Formal and Informal Curricula

Initiatives that ensure progress toward the critical imperative of including diverse perspectives and inclusive pedagogies – across the spectrum of teaching and learning at Providence College – are essential to reducing marginalization and fostering true inclusivity. Faculty members, academic administrators, and IDEI professionals representing academic programs, the Development of Western Civilization, schools, and academic departments are involved in a great deal of work rooted in these important goals.

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Student Learning and Development

Opportunities to learn and engage beyond the classroom walls are instrumental in providing students with the insights and perspectives they will need to actively and effectively participate in a diverse society. Work in this area involves universal and direct engagement with students on matters such as implicit bias and identity, while also providing training and resources to those who can influence and inspire students through opportunities provided in co-curricular and extra-curricular settings.

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Institutional Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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